VS Code extension

1.  Solve LeetCode problems in VS Code

2. Filter problems by company, difficulty, or topic.

Google chrome extension

LC Predictor

Predicts the leetcode contest rating.

Chrome extension

LeetCode Timer

1. Track time when solving problems  2. Auto start timer functionality 3. Automatically, pause timer on successful submission

chrome extension

LeetCode Timer

1. Set time for difficulty levels to increase your solving speed  2. detects difficulty and sets the time accordingly  3. Alert when time is over 

chrome extension


1. Access your leetcode problems and solutions in one place   2. No need to push solved LeetCode solution to GitHub separetely

chrome extension

LeetCode Enhancer 

1. Hide problem difficulty   2. Hide locked problems  3. Highlight solved problem 4. Hide solved problems 

chrome extension

LeetCode Video Solutions

Fill in some text

1. Free LeetCode video solutions for the problem 2. No need to leave the problem page 3. Displays most viewed solution from youtube

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